The March Against Monsanto!

I was recently given the honor of being asked to speak at the Philadelphia March Against Monsanto. I will save the long rant about how industrial farming practices are harming the bees, our environment, and our public health, and how Monsanto and other large corporations are manipulating our government and  pushing forward legislation that will endanger food systems all over the world, as well as our rights as consumers and producers of food.

I had a great time at the March, and I was really happy to see a lot of people with “save the bees” signs. It really show that there are people out there who are trying to make a difference. Here are a few pictures of the awesome bee-supporters I saw there!

March Against Monsanto March-Against-Monsanto-2025 March-Against-Monsanto-2015-4 March-Against-Monsanto-2015-3


Oh, and if the links at the top weren’t enough for you, try these:

Industrial Agriculture – Union of Concerned Scientists

GMO Health Risks, Institute of Responsible Technology

How Monsanto Could Get Even Bigger and More Powerful

Monsanto – Sourcewatch

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