The Author: I’m Sarah Plonski. I am a beekeeper located near Philadelphia, PA. I got a beehive on a whim one day, and since then I’ve fallen completely in love with honey bees. One thing led to another and I now do professional non-chemical wasp, hornet and bee removal for a living.

The Blog: This is where I share my love for honey bees with the world, as well any the beekeeping wisdom I stumble into. You may also find the occasional entomological dalliance into other bees and wasps.

The Cause: I believe that in order to be a better beekeeper, I must build a better world for my bees. I can’t do it alone, so I am reaching out to all the smart, bold, creative people out there. This is not an environmentalist blog. This is a rallying cry.

Join in the discussion, and together, we will affect great change.

I’d love to hear from you on Twitter: @sarahplusbees or e-mail: sarah@sarahplusbees.com

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